Featured on Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Joe Tamargo has the GetItFido logo tattooed on his arm! Look above to see the pictures that were taken on Late Night with Conan O’Brien with Joe Tamargo displaying the recognizable GetItFido logo!
Episode Dated February 9, 2005 – Season 12 Episode 76 #2017

Joe Tamargo has other tattooes as well for worthy causes. He has a tattoo in support of Sava Martha (savamartha.com).

Check out this excerpt from SavaMartha.com describing the importance of their tattoo:

Our first Save Martha tattoo was planted on Joe Tamargo’s right arm today at 2 PM. at Cliff’s Tattoo & Body Piercing in Huntington Village, NY. It features a stylish blend of complementary colors, in our classic Hollywood san serif font.

This permanent tattoo will forever carry the message forward forever that saving Martha is a good thing. (The original message “Sign the petition to pardon Martha Stewart” was changed due to the opinion of tattoo experts that it would be too long for Joe’s arm.) We think (and we hope) that Martha would approve.

Check out the blow by blow video recap of the event which was produced by Long Island videographer Annie McKenna. Please say a prayer for Joe that it didn’t hurt too much. The new Save Martha Tattoo Parlor should be open later today for those of you who have either never been to jail or in a biker club but still want a tattoo.

LivingAdSpace CEO Joe Tamargo, in this week’s In Touch Magazine, says of his
new Save Martha tattoo: “It’s pretty cool! I’m a big supporter of Martha.”